New membership Registration for Atomy India

Thank you for your immense interest in Atomy India which is expected to launch in Q2, 2020. Currently new member registration as a consumer in Korea is undergoing at website. It has been observed that knowingly or unknowingly many new members are using first time any of the PAN or AADHAR and next time re-register with an unused ID. To stop the dual registration and make the process more effective, we are going to change Registration Process from 1st October 2019. The New Registration Process is as Follows:

Old Registration Process : PAN or AADHAAR (Anyone)

New Registration Process (Effective from 1st Oct 2019) PAN and AADHAAR (Both IDs)

Atomy is highly principle-oriented company, we have our core value truth, considering the core value, if any kind of wrongdoing such as dual registration is found it may result in restriction to membership. Leaders please help your partners for bringing the awareness of our own policies and guide them not to register twice under different IDs.

Married couples must share a single ID. If you and your spouse have signed up as separate members, please surrender one of your IDs and continue with single ID. Thank you.

Global 100 list of top direct selling companies in the world

ATOMY , a 10 year old company, ranked 20th MLM companies in the world.

It is just the start though, as Atomy currently only operates in 14 countries only. It will soon launch in the world’s two biggest markets, India and China/Hong Kong, and also Vietnam, Turkey, UK…etc.. Atomy’s vision is to launch 30+ countries with more than 1000+ products by 2025.

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A Network Marketing Company, Built on Consumers

Atomy Magazine September 2018

Atomy is becoming a model network marketing company that effectively combines its direct sales business with its consumer network. Prior to Atomy, network marketing companies were more focused on the sales aspect, either neglecting or failing in building up a solid consumer network. However, Atomy has successfully carried out its business by expanding its direct sales network and, at the same time, has focused on building a strong consumer network through distributing Absolute Quality Absolute Price consumer products. Now, Atomy is trying to do more than just provide Absolute Quality Absolute Price products. What
Atomy aims at is gaining absolute trust from consumers so that anybody and everybody can ‘Trust and Buy’ Atomy. Atomy is being reborn as a ‘Consumer Curator’.

Atomy Committed to Consumer Curating
Atomy considers itself to be a Consumer Curator. Art galleries and museums have curators who help analyze and interpret the pieces on exhibit for the visitors to understand and enjoy. Similarly, Atomy aims to provide a curation service that analyzes consumers’ needs and suggests the best products as a curator of consumer life.
We are in an age of information overload. As the saying goes, “too much is as bad as too little,” and too much to handle could even be worse than not enough. The vast amount of information that floods the internet and mobile devices confuses consumers. This excessive amount of information may actually cause an increase rather than a decrease in prepurchase expenses. For consumers, the price of the product itself is only part of the total opportunity cost they pay for the product. They also end up paying for the shipping and disposal costs. On top of that, doing the legwork to find the best deals and the mental stress of “should I buy it or not?” are all calculated into the total cost of the product, adding up to extra pre-purchase expenses for consumers.
Committed to serving as a shopping curator for its members, Atomy works to reduce the final cost consumers pay for the products they buy. If Atomy succeeds in building consumers’ absolute trust in the quality and price of Atomy products, consumers will ultimately be able to buy the products whose quality and price meet their expectations even without doing the legwork or spending time and money to ‘shop around’, thereby dramatically reducing pre-purchase expenses. Meanwhile, the mental stress of “should I buy it or not?” can also be resolved if consumers can have absolute trust in the products they buy through Atomy shopping mall. This is what we call ‘Trust and Buy Atomy!’ Plus, as a shopping curator, Atomy is continuously making efforts to minimize postpurchase expenses as well.

Trying our Best to Secure Consumer Trust
Atomy has been committed to gaining trust from consumers. Although some people may have their doubts about network marketing as a distribution channel for consumers, Atomy is considered a successful network marketing company who has laid the groundwork for trust through the motto of Absolute Quality Absolute Price. This is backed up by statistics from the Korea Fair Trade Commission (FTC). Based on the FTC business information disclosure on network marketing companies, the return rate for Atomy was only 0.12% in 2017. This is the lowest in the network marketing industry, and may even be the lowest among other distribution channels as well. To compare, the return rate of general household goods in department stores is about 3-4%. Atomy’s very low return rate implies that nearly all of its consumers are satisfied with the quality and price of the products they purchase.
The growing number of registered members of Atomy is also a testament to the fact that Atomy is gaining trust from consumers. According to the FTC data, the number of registered members for Atomy was around 58,000 in December 2009. In December 2017, the total number of members was close to 3,318,000, showing a massive increase by nearly 60 times in eight years. In addition, nine out of ten registered members in 2017 were consumer-members who were not engaged in any aspect of business. They did not receive any commission or compensation. They bought Atomy products simply because they liked the quality and price of the products. The purchases from these consumer-members amounted to 80% of the total sales of the company. There is no doubt that this solid consumer network of Atomy is the basis for its steady growth as a network marketing company.
Atomy is a company that not only provides good products, but also provides a good platform where consumers can simply “Trust and Buy.” Atomy members are always thinking about how to help more and more consumers buy and use the quality products offered through Atomy’s shopping curator services. Building up trust in Atomy will ultimately lead to consumers acquiring good products at a lower cost minus all the extra expenses.

Atomy 2018 Review

What a great 2018 for Atomy!

Atomy Russia

Russian Direct Sales Market in Steady Growth, a Pathway to the CIS Including Uzbekistan … Atomy Magazine September 2018

Atomy is advancing into the world’s largest country, Russia, which spans widely across Europe and Asia. After its recent opening in Australia, Atomy has lost no time in working towards the official opening of Atomy Russia scheduled to launch in early December of this year. Russia is the largest country in the world by area, covering more than 17 million square kilometers. That’s 170 times the size of South Korea which is only about 100,000 square kilometers. Russia’s population is over 144 million (2018 estimate), and its per capita income is $12,000 (2018 IMF). Although its population is relatively small with respect to the size of the country, 15% of the population is concentrated in Moscow and other metropolitan areas. Thus, manufacturing and distribution of consumer goods and food products are well developed in this area. In addition, the Russian market is closely linked to the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) market, which will assist Atomy in opening its doors to other countries such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Moldova in the future.

Wellness Market Sees 11.5% Growth This Year
Since the transition from the Soviet Union to Russia, 43% of consumer goods have been imported from abroad. The import market has expanded rapidly with an increase in consumer purchasing power, especially due to a boom in the economy boosted by a high export of energy resources since the early 2000s. The middle class, making up about 25% of the total population, is steadily becoming the major consumer group. It is worthwhile to note that the middle class in Russia has a fairly high disposable income because of the country’s low public utility bills and high housing penetration rate. According to a report by Credit Swiss, a middle manager with an annual income of $24,000 is estimated to have about $10,000 of real disposable income in Moscow. This is very high compared to the $7,000 of disposable income of people in the U.S. with an annual income of $60,000. Likewise, Rosgosstrakh, an insurance company in Russia, assessed that these middle-class consumers tend to purchase goods and services for life’s conveniences without restriction.
The cosmetics market in Russia is expected to become a booming field with continuous market growth for the time being due to economic recovery. In particular, the market for Korean cosmetics has been expanding with increasing popularity recently. This is because the cost-effective Korean cosmetics are said to be replacing luxury European cosmetic brands since the economic recession in 2015. Another reason for this increased demand in Korean cosmetics could be attributed to the rise of e-commerce and the development of online distributors who import and sell various goods on a smaller scale.
The wellness market is also showing a very rapid growth rate. According to KOTRA, Russia’s health food market was worth 63.1 billion RUB (about $15.8 billion) in 2013, but it was projected to grow by 11.5% to 70.9 billion RUB ($17.6 billion) in 2018.
With interest in diet and health foods spreading through Russian mass media, social media, blogs, etc., the health food market is expected to continue expanding. In addition, so-called ‘healthy snacks’ such as organic products and fitness low-carb products that were only sold by some online shops and specialty stores are now widely available in large supermarkets, and their sales continue to increase.

2017 Direct Sales Industry Worth 3.18 Trillion KRW, Grown by 18.67%
Direct sales in Russia is growing steadily. The direct sales industry had grown by 18.67 % from 2.37 billion U.S. dollars (2.68 trillion KRW) in 2014 to 2.81 billion U.S. dollars (3.18 trillion KRW) in 2017. On the contrary, the number of direct sellers had decreased from about 5.43 million to 5.08 million, and 89% of them were shown to be women. Accordingly, cosmetics and personal care products accounted for the largest share of direct sales, followed by wellness, home care products, clothing and accessories.
In addition, wellness products expanded its market share from 16.8 % in 2014 to 28.4 % in 2017, while cosmetic sales were reduced from 61.1 % to 48.2 % during the same period. Home care products and clothing and accessories accounted for 9.7% and 8.8%, respectively.
Meanwhile, before doing business in Russia, we should try to learn more about the country and its people. Many Koreans understand that Russia is an important global influence that is recognized by the international community. In addition, Russians are generally proud of their country and its rich cultural assets. They are also said to show high interest in art, history, culture and learning.
Acquiring a deeper understanding of these culturally rich people and their historical heritage seems to be a must before Atomy officially starts business in Russia.

Atomy Russia, December 2018!

[ Atomy Russia Update ]

1. Company’s official web bage will be lauched in December, 2018
2. Address of our office: 7th floor, 23/3 Orbucheva str. 117630 Moscow
3. Seminars:
A. Introductory mini-seminar is planned to be held after October, 20th, 2018 in Company’s office. All official information will be published additionally in social media.
B. Pre-launch One-day Seminar will be held on last week of November 2018 in Moscow and Vladivostok and also other cities (exact information we will announce later)
4. Events of official opening of Atomy Russia – April-May, 2019 together with Success Academy

Global Distribution of Masstige Products: The GSGS Strategy

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 10.36.57 AM

GSGS, Global Sourcing and Global Sales, is Atomy’s unique strategy for striving to become a global hub of distribution. Products that meet the company’s Absolute Quality Absolute Price standard are sourced and sold around the world through Atomy’s global sales network. These products, regardless of country of origin, are distributed from suppliers to consumers based on buyer demand. This is a goal of Atomy which aims to become a global distribution hub by implementing the GSGS strategy.

Where there is consumer demand, distribution of products may occur naturally. But from the corporate point of view, this is not always an easy task to accomplish. Especially for Atomy, who is committed to upholding its Absolute Quality Absolute Price motto for all the products it distributes, there are many things to take into consideration. For example, in an effort to maintain masstige quality for all the products that cross the borders, Atomy has to afford the increasingly high cost of market research. This increase in cost is often a big burden for a company that starts doing business abroad since the costs can easily outweigh the benefits.

However, Atomy has strong confidence to overcome these challenges. During the last decade, consumers in Korea as well as abroad have witnessed with their own eyes that Atomy never fails to stand by its Absolute Quality Absolute Price standard, which in turn has resulted in a strong sense of trust by more than 4 million loyal members worldwide. And this great accomplishment in under 10 years did not just happen by a stroke of luck.

Now, Atomy is focused on developing and distributing masstige products all over the world as a global distribution hub through the Global Sourcing and Global Sales (GSGS) strategy. The word “hub” refers to the center axis of a bicycle wheel where the spokes converge. It can also represent a central point where signals are gathered from various places and transmitted out to other locations. Similarly, a distribution hub brings together products from all over the world and then circulates them to new locations. The sourcing and sales of products can work in both directions, meaning that the products can circulate back to its place of origin. And now, Atomy aims to be the center axis of the distribution wheel where global consumers and business partners converge; a distribution hub.

Atomy is dedicated to making it easier for global consumers to acquire “products of exceptional quality at reasonable prices” and seeks a win-win relationship with its global business partners at the same time. When consumers encounter Atomy products anywhere in the world, regardless of where it is produced or whom it is manufactured by, they should feel assured by the brand name ‘Atomy’ alone. This is a main focus of Atomy as a global distribution hub. The GSGS strategy can benefit both Atomy members as well as its business partners worldwide resulting in a win-win situation.

Driven by the ‘Win-Win Project in Search of Business Partners’ initiated last year, Atomy continues to actively seek out global business partners within and outside of the country who can work together to provide Absolute Quality Absolute Price products for global consumers. Atomy prefers partnering with small to medium-sized companies in an effort to pursue a true win-win relationship where both sides have an opportunity to grow. As Atomy makes its way into more and more countries, there will be an increasing number of cooperating partners who can work together to source masstige products that meet the global Absolute Quality Absolute Price standard. These partnering businesses will surpass national boundaries and expand with Atomy, which is another step towards Atomy’s goal of becoming a global distribution hub through the GSGS strategy.

Through GSGS, a few products have already been sourced and sold through Atomy in many countries. For example, aroma pain relief patches and sandwich seaweed-paper are from Taiwan. Himalayan pink salt and Chia seeds are sourced through Atomy US.  Black pepper is from Cambodia, and pelvic support stockings from Japan. Moreover, all Atomy branches are now participating in the GSGS strategy including Atomy Thailand and Atomy Mexico who opened just last year. Atomy Vietnam is also scheduled to launch into business within the year, expecting to source GSGS products for Atomy global members. Therefore, the GSGS strategy will eventually support the local economies of the countries in which Atomy opens its branch offices since the local products can be given a chance to be exported to other global markets. This means Atomy is not only selling products, but also buying products in the markets it advances into, which results in a win-win for the manufacturers as well as the consumers of the partnering countries with Atomy branch offices. That is why Atomy’s GSGS strategy is highly valued by its members and business partners worldwide.

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Atomy Oceania’s Grand Opening

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 7.55.18 PM

Atomy Oceania’s Grand Opening:
Opening a new era of Direct Selling in Australia.
“To spread the word of Atomy through verbal, motivational means”

On the 11th of August 2018, Atomy celebrated its official launch of Atomy Oceania at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre (MCEC) marking its’ beginning in the southern hemisphere.
Mr. Park Han Gill, the founder and president of Atomy Global and Sally Kim, directing manager of Atomy Oceania, welcomed the opening of Atomy Oceania with congratulatory speeches. Gillian Stapleton, executive director of DSA Australia, was a special presence at the opening ceremony. Many members of Atomy Royal Leaders’ Club members were also present, expressing their gratitude and promising support for the growing market in Australia and New Zealand. Other 600 participants from in and outside of the country celebrated the opening.
During his congratulatory speech, Mr. Park Han Gill said:
“If you look at the fundamental principles of network marketing(directing-selling), it is about acquiring quality products that I need at good prices. And after using those products and seeing the value in them, I would then introduce those products to others around me. And if those people like the products, they will pass them on to yet others, resulting in a kind of chain effect of purchasing and introducing. In this way, network marketing has the potential to be a very successful model in the distribution industry.” He also added, “If you(Atomy member) truly wish to succeed in network marketing, you need to put your partner’s success above your own. “
The total amount sold through direct-selling in Australia reached 1.38 Billion Australian Dollars, with the number of active members exceeding 576,000. According to WFDSA, 40% of the products sold through direct-selling are health supplements or health functional supplements. 29% were skincare products or cosmetics. 18% were household essentials, 4% being accessories. The market size is also getting bigger. Gillian Stapleton, executive director of DSA Australia said, “The environment of direct-selling in Australia is evolving. The market is shifting towards younger consumers who are more familiar with and so more closely connected with mobile and online sales platforms than offline retail shops.”
Lastly, Sally Kim, directing manager of Atomy Oceania, added her opinion on the Australian direct-selling market:
Australia is a diverse and multicultural society where the majority of the population speaks English and a big percentage of the population also speaks at least one second language, which shows a great potential for Atomy Oceania’s business to expand into other international markets.” She said, “Atomy Oceania will always put its utmost priority on members’ success. Atomy Oceania will help all Atomians(Atomy members) in Australia to be financially independent and ultimately lead family-oriented happy lives. We’ll dream together, working together to achieve the dream.”
Atomy’s goal of becoming a premier direct-selling company in Australian and New Zealand will be achieved through the 3 corporate cultures as follows:
Culture of Observing Principles – Success is more rewarding when achieved through a fair process of abiding by the rules.
Culture of Growing Together – Atomy will grow together with the community it belongs to.
Culture of Sharing – Atomy will share love with all constituents of the society by giving back to them what it makes through Atomy business.
While adhering to these 3 cultures of Atomy, Atomy Oceania will do their best to help all members to become successful business owners by providing them accurate information through diverse seminars and on/off-line marketing materials.

Atomy Australia Grand Opening

The Atomy Oceania office will open its doors on the 13th of August (Monday) after the Grand Opening Success Academy. We are very thrilled that our members are taking great interest in the office and Oceania in general. After the Grand Opening we will be prepared to meet and greet everyone

Atomy Indonesia印尼即將開幕了!

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 1.52.26 PM

韓國皇家俱樂部早餐會,正式發表印尼取得傳銷執照,八月就可以註冊會員了,詳細註冊等日期以公司發佈為主. 加入会员联络我们 。

We will be able to process membership applications in August for Atomy Indonesia. Contact Us to get your free membership!