Atomy Wins Grand Prize at China Beauty Expo

Atomy’s high-efficiency skincare product, Atomy Synergy Ampoule Program, was awarded the Grand Prize at Asia’s largest beauty fair, the China Beauty Expo, for repair serum in the skincare category.

The product also made it to the final ranking of consumers’ “most loved” beauty products in China, with 1.17 million online votes.

“Atomy Synergy Ampoule Program is popular not only in Korea but also abroad because it fused highly effective ingredients and state-of-the-art technologies,” said the brand manager of Atomy Synergy Ampoule Program. “We will continue to develop various skin care products tailored to customer needs.”

Within a month of launch, Atomy Synergy Ampoule Program surpassed KRW 10 billion in sales in South Korea in September of 2020. The product is now also being exported to international markets, including the U.S., Canada and China.

The serum product uses oil gelling technology to prevent moisture loss and macro-capsulation technology to hinder oxidation of vitamin C in the skin. 

Atomy UK Membership Migration

The date for membership migration begins on the 28th of June, ahead of our marketplace platform launch in July!

Get ready to enter both the UK and Europe!

At. G Mall

Atomy opened Atomy Global Mall, ‘hence At.G Mall,’ on June 23rd. 

Now, overseas members, excluding members from S. Korea, China, and India, can purchase products of Atomy Korea headquarters directly through this website.

At.G Mall sells a total of 80 products, including health supplements and cosmetics. The initial launch mainly consists of products that record high sales among international members in Korea. International shipping is available to 15 regions around the world including Japan, Taiwan, the US, Canada, and the UK, with plans to expand further in the future.

So far, Atomy’s 19 overseas offices have been selling products according to the product registration and export regulations of each region. There was a time gap between the point when a new product was  launched in Korea and when in the rest of the regions, or sometimes the release date was different for each region. At.G Mall is expected to reduce the gap between Atomy Korea and other Atomy offices and meet the needs of global members.

An Atomy official said, “We have opened At.G Mall to tackle the inconvenience of overseas members  using Atomy Korea’s shopping mall. We will continue to do our best for all Atomy members to purchase everything we provide no matter where they live.”

Start Shopping at At.G Mall

艾多美全球商城,At.G Mall:盛大開業!艾多美首個面向全球會員的直營商城!


Global Atomy Taking Off

Atomy has marked its presence in the global market. The direct selling company based in South Korea recorded global sales of $1.48 billion in 2020, up 13.85 percent from the previous year. It has also recently launched in China, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, and New Zealand, with branches now in 19 regions worldwide. Despite global distancing guidelines due to COVID-19, Atomy has achieved double-digit growth by actively pioneering the market. Atomy’s growth can be attributed to two factors—making a quick transition to online and securing a competitive advantage in distribution. [ Please read the entire article from the link to DSN below:

Global Atomy Taking Off

Atomy Kazakhstan

Atomy Kazakhstan!!

We’re coming for you! We are so excited to announce that Atomy Kazakhstan will be opening this month! We are looking forward to the growth of Atomy across the globe. Aja aja aja!

We are global Atomy!#globalatomy#everydayatomy#atomykazakhstan

Global Atomy Expansion Plan


Atomy Brazil (1Q)

Atomy Mongolia (2Q)

Atomy Uzbekistan (3Q)

Atomy Germany or Atomy Spain (4Q)


Atomy Bangladesh

Atomy South Africa

Atomy Peru

One of the European Countries

Atomy Global Expansion

IN 2021, Atomy opened three new branches: Atomy New Zealand, Atomy Turkey and Atomy UK.

Seven more branches are in preparation for opening: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Germany, and Spain

ATOMY UK & EUROPE Product Catalogue

View Atomy UK / Europe Catalog

Products will be launched in phases: end of July, mid-August, end of August, and mid-September. More products will be added to our shopping mall after September so it doesn’t end there! There are a lot more exciting things to come after Atomy UK’s launch and products will be flying your way as well!