1. Contact information for the Mongolia branch

Global Atomy Mongolia LLC will officially announce the location of the office and the contact phone number through the Atomy Mongolia page on July 4, 2022.

* Please make a reservation in advance when visiting in person

  1. Pre-authorized center reception

Receipt of applications will open mid-July. There may be some schedule changes depending on the internal computational construction schedule.

The exact dates and application process will be announced via Facebook.

* This schedule is subject to change!

You can open a center after your qualifications are reviewed and you are interviewed.

Before opening a center, the Atomy Mongolia branch plans to provide sufficient consulting services, so please refrain from signing rental contracts or decorating the interior before receiving the approval of the Education Center.

  1. Register as an distributor

In order to become an distributor and receive commission, you must have a business license under your name, and the following documents must be submitted (uploaded) to the Mongolia branch and verified before the branch opens.

– Passport and ID card (including resident registration card)

– Business license

– Bank account number

Members who wish to become Atomy Mongolia Distributor must follow the rules below.

– Orders can be placed with Atomy after registering on the shopping mall. (Can currently register as a global member)

– Atomy prohibits online resale.

– Atomy does not allow member solicitation.

* Atomy does not have a registration fee or maintenance fee.

Mongolia branch membership types

Consumer / Distributor

– Consumer members can purchase items by ordering online and are not eligible to receive commission. (B2C type)

– Distributor can purchase items by ordering online and are eligible to receive commission. (B2B type)

Go to http://burtgel.gov.mn/ for more information on establishing a corporation and adding activities.

  1. Shipping of Atomy products from Korea to Mongolia

Currently there are many cases of Atomy products being shipped from Korea to Mongolia.

Because of this, Mongolian customs has been focusing on managing and imposing customs duties on Atomy products.

Please note that official documents cannot be issued by the Mongolia branch in this connection, and please keep this in mind when shipping.

  1. Mongolia branch supplements import permit

The Mongolia branch is still waiting for health supplements import license, etc.

Please start to operate business activities after receiving import license, 

the Mongolian authorities may misunderstand the situation and believe that Atomy has officially started its business activities. This can become a major reason for withholding the import license.

Please help us to ensure smooth business operation.