It is recommended to purchase genuine Atomy products either on the official website after registering as a member or directly through an Atomy member like us [ Atomy Distributor ID 9017600 ]


HemoHIM is $92/box. Atomy offers free shipping if your purchase is over $99. After you become a member via us and make a $99 purchase directly from official Atomy online store, we will send you $7 cask back!

To protect your personal information, please follow the steps below to self-register your Atomy membership.


step 1

Go to the Official Atomy Website

Click below “Atomy USA”  to go to Official Atomy website. 

Next click “Join Us” on top right to start your registration.

step 2

login with id “9017600″ and guest password “888888”

step 3

begin member registration process

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to join Atomy USA.
  • Click on “JOIN” 

step 4

member registration process

  • Select “All Agree” for Membership Agreement
  • Scroll down and click “Next”
atomy membership
atomy registraton

step 5

member registration process

  • Enter your mobile phone number 
  • Click “Send Text”
  • Enter verification code received via text 
  • Click “Authenticate”
  • Scroll down to click “Next”
atomy membership

step 6

member registration process

  • Complete the registration form
  • Guest Password is used to share with non-members to view prices and to register. No personal account information is visible with guest login
  • Scroll down and click “Next”
atomy membership

step 7

member registration process

  • Enter “Sponsor ID”
  • Sponsor Name will automatically populate
  • Enter “Atomy Absolute Center” (Unless you are in a different country)
  • Click “Next”
atomy sponsor ID

step 8

member registration process

  • Confirm Sponsor ID in pop up window
atomy sponsor id

step 9

member registration process

  • Review information for accuracy
  • Click “Done”
  • Congratulations! Welcome to Atomy family!
  • Please keep your Atomy ID/Password safe. 
  • Happy Shopping!
atomy membership
atomy membership