To protect your personal information, please follow the steps below to self-register

step 1

Obtain a registration SPONSOR ID and guest login id and password

Ask for your Sponsor ID and guest login ID/Password by email to us at [email protected], or message us via the social icons below.

[ You will need this Sponsor ID number to complete your registration below ]

step 2

Go to the Official Atomy Website

Click below “Atomy USA”  to go to Official Atomy website. 

To switch to your country go to top right “USA” in blue heading. Then use drop down menu to make a selection.

Next click “Join Us” on top right to start your registration.

step 3

login with guest id and guest password

Login with guest ID and Password. 

Ask for your Sponsor ID and guest login ID/Password by email to us at [email protected], or message us via the social icons below.

step 4

begin member registration process

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to join Atomy USA.
  • Click on “JOIN” 

Note: Each branch offers different membership types to apply for. Please choose your preferred membership type at this step.

step 5

member registration process

  • Select “All Agree” for Membership Agreement
  • Scroll down and click “Next”
atomy membership
atomy registraton

step 6

member registration process

  • Enter your mobile phone number 
  • Click “Send Text”
  • Enter verification code received via text 
  • Click “Authenticate”
  • Scroll down to click “Next”

Note: Only Atomy USA requires this step. If you are registering for other branch, you will skip this step.

atomy membership

step 7

member registration process

  • Complete the registration form
  • Guest Password is used to share with non-members to view prices and to register. No personal account information is visible with guest login
  • Scroll down and click “Next”

Note: Different branch may require different personal information at this step. Please just fill out the form accordingly.

atomy membership

step 8

member registration process

  • New members: click below to get your Sponsor ID
  • Existing members: When signing up a new member, check your lineage to see which Sponsor ID to use
  • Sponsor Name will automatically populate
  • Enter “Atomy Absolute Center” (Unless you are in a different country)
  • Click “Next”
atomy sponsor ID

step 9

member registration process

  • Confirm Sponsor ID in pop up window
atomy sponsor id

step 10

member registration process

  • Review information for accuracy
  • Click “Done”
  • Congratulations! Welcome to Atomy family!
  • Please keep your Atomy ID/Password safe. 
  • Happy Shopping!
atomy membership
atomy membership
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