Atomy Japan

Overcoming political and economic obstacles, Atomy opened its 2nd overseas office in Tokyo, Japan in June of 2011.

Any Japanese or foreigner residing in Japan over the age of 20 can sign up a FREE membership to shop directly from Atomy online store.

Please note that to buy Atomy’s products directly from Atomy Online Store, you must be a Member. Membership is free and there is no obligation to buy or do anything after you become a member. If you are not happy with the products, simply let your membership expire or contact official branch office to cancel it for you

  • Free to join
  • No Purchase Obligation (Members shop what they need, when they need)
  • Savings on Great Quality Products
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (within 30 days of purchase)
  • No fees of any kind
  • Your member ID is valid across the world (global business opportunity)
  • Membership Inheritance ( you can pass your account down to 3 generations)

To protect your personal information, please follow the following instructions or video to self-register. CONTACT US for login ID/Password and Sponsor ID.

  1. Go to Atomy Japan’s homepage:
  2. Start the registration process by clicking on the first option at the top right of the website, ‘Member Registration’.
  3. Log in using your sponsor’s ID.
  4. Select the type of user you wish to sign up for, consumer or contractor.
  5. The Japanese branch requires you to have an outline document called ‘Gaiyo-shomen’.
  6. Please enter the serial number shown in the contents page of your ‘Gaiyo-shomen’.
  7. Please enter your personal information such as name, gender, etc. together with your sponsor’s ID and affiliated center.
  8. Your account will be created after confirming that all the information is correct. [ CONTACT us for Sponsor ID/name ]
  9. When registering as a member of Atomy Japan, there is no other requirement apart from entering the serial number in your ‘Gaiyo-shomen’, and any Japanese or foreigner residing in Japan over the age of 20 can register.
  10. The only exceptions are students and public servants.
  11. If you are registering as a contractor with Japanese nationality, you’ll need to send copies by mail of your bankbook and your ID, which can be your driver’s license, your medical insurance card or your passport.
  12. If you are a foreigner with Japanese residency, you’ll need to submit copies of your bankbook and your Alien Registration Card.


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This website is not an official website of Atomy. We are here to help you learn about Atomy, Atomy products and Atomy Marketing Plan, and guide your membership process should you wish to purchase Atomy products. To Join Atomy, you need a sponsor, and Everyday Atomy will be more than happy and honored to be your sponsor.