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Você sabe o que é a Atomy?

A Atomy é uma empresa de marketing de rede fundada na Coreia em 2009 pelo Sr Han-Gill Park, que sentiu a necessidade de criar uma empresa com valores nos quais acreditava, focados na qualidade e na satisfação do cliente.

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Você sabe o que é a Atomy?

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Most frequent questions and answers

To become an Atomy member, you must have a sponsor who will advise you and help you with your application. Required Qualification & Documents. 1) Over 18 years old; 2) CPF and Identity Card (RG); 3) Copy of Identity Card (RG) or Driver’s License (CNH);

As a business member, you need a bank account to receive payments.

There is no membership maintenance fee, and membership is maintained by purchasing only one product with PV per year.

There is no subion fee for Atomy. If you get asked for a subion fee, it violates the company regulations, so please contact the company immediately.

You can maintain your membership If you make more than 1 purchase in a year. This means that you only have to buy one set of toothbrushes a year to maintain your membership.

Please fill out the application form and contact the company. For returns and exchanges, the shipping company will pick it up from your address.

Masstige: Absolute Quality Absolute Price. Atomy products are popular luxury goods, characterized by absolute quality and absolute price.