Atomy Synergy Ampoule Program Wins Grand Prize at China Beauty Expo

Atomy Synergy Ampoule Program recorded sales of 10 billion won in a month since its launch, marking its position as a notable new item of the distanced economy.

The Synergy Ampoule Program, released on September 1, sold over 100,000 units by 30th of the same month, exceeding 10 billion won in sales.

The program consists of four highly effective ampoules that remedy the different skin troubles: “Advanced Hydration,” “Vita Luminous,” “24K Gold Infusion,” and “Miracle Rejuvenating.” Each ampoule is divided into Active Ampoule and Core Ampoule designed to be mixed just before use.

According to Atomy, “People are concerned about their skin getting more sensitive due to wearing masks and staying indoors for a long time. The Synergy Ampoule Program is a home aesthetic kit for self skincare, such as hydration, elasticity-recovering, brightening, lifting, and anti-aging of your skin.”

Atomy also released a dedicated beauty device for the program, Atomy Skin Booster, on October 5.
An official of the company said, “EP Skin Booster reinforces the effect of the Synergy Ampoule Program. We are hoping the gadget will bring the synergy effect when used with the ampoules.”

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