Atomy Business Opportunity

Convert your Household Expenses into Household Income and Grow a Worldwide Business (Part Time, Full Time, Work from Home)

Atomy’s vision is that the things people buy for their daily needs will be available through Atomy. The products are of the highest quality at the lowest possible price. If you’ve tried Atomy products and love them as we do, then sharing comes naturally. When you share Atomy products with your friends, family, co-workers etc., you have an opportunity to earn additional income for yourself and your family now and possibly for generations to come.

Become a Professional Consumer and get paid for it

Simply by changing necessities you use everyday to Atomy to save money and even make money. In Atomy, every product sold has a point value, also known as PV.

For example, buying “Evening Care 4 Set” gives you 13,000 PV.

Members collect Point Values (PV) with every purchase that can be used to receive cash back from the company. To qualify for commissions, you only have to accumulate 10,000 Personal PV which is about $30 in products.

  • Your Atomy ID is global! (see the list of countries you can get Atomy products) Atomy will continue to expand into new countries each year. You can refer anyone in any of the opened countries and place them in your consumer group.
  • When you purchase Atomy products, you collect Personal PV which never reset to zero!
  • When your members purchase Atomy products, you collect Group PV in both Right and Left Consumer Groups.
  • The purchase of ALL your members determines your commission. Unlimited Levels, Regardless of Nationality, Direct and Indirect Referrals.

How can you make money with Atomy?

Here are the ways you make money:

  1. General Commissions
  2. Mastership and Masters’ Bonus
  3. Mastership Promotions and Incentives (Products, Laptop, Travel, Cash, Cars, Office, Driver, Expense Account) – One Time
  4. Open Education Center (6% of centers total PV)

(1) General Commission: 44% of entire sales PV will be distributed between qualified members every week according to the rates. Individuals must first accumulate at least 10,000 PV in order to accumulate downline PVs. General Commission is calculated daily and paid weekly.

(2) Masters’ Bonus: 20% of entire sales PV will be distributed according to mastership.

Masters’ Bonus will be paid every 7th day after the point accumulation period.

Point accumulation period: 1st – 15th, 16th – end of month.

(3) In addition to monthly income, Atomy offers great One-Time Mastership Promotion & Incentives:

Sales MasterHemoHIM (1 Set),
Atomy Skin Care 6 System (1 Set),
Atomy Evening Care (1 Set)
Diamond MasterLaptop Computer or Tablet, HemoHIM (1 Set),
Atomy Skin Care 6 System (1 Set),
Atomy Evening Care (1 Set)
Sharon Rose Master*$2,000 Cash, 2 Travel Tickets
Star Master *$10,000 Cash, 4 Travel Tickets
Royal Master*$50,000 Cash, *$2,000 per month for
sponsorship activities, Car rental fee,
4 Travel tickets (10 nights & 11 days)
Crown Master*$300,000 Cash, *$5,000 per month for
sponsorship activities, a Luxury car,
4 Travel tickets (10 nights & 11 days)
Imperial Master*$1 Million Cash, *$10,000 per month for
sponsorship activities, a Luxury car, an Office of
Approx. 1700 sq. with a Personal Assistant,
a Driver, 4 Travel tickets (10 nights & 11 days)

(4) 6% of a Center’s total PV is paid to the applicable Center to cover operational expenses. 

WHAT IS ATOMY EDUCATION CENTER? … It is a training center operated by a qualified Center Manager for the purpose of networking and education. As an Atomy member you can open an educational center. It requires permission from corporation.

Center Manager is paid 6% PV of the sales of the affiliated members. Center Manager must operate
the education center according to the regulations set by the company.

Monthly Income: General Commission plus Mastership Bonus, in USD looks like this:

Atomy Compensation Plan

Atomy’s well-balanced, righteous compensation plan shows the company’s vision for success of all Atomy members. Please visit our Eveyrday Atomy Youtube Channel to watch more videos of Atomy Compensation Plan. Below are just a few videos for your reference:


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