New membership Registration for Atomy India

Thank you for your immense interest in Atomy India which is expected to launch in Q2, 2020. Currently new member registration as a consumer in Korea is undergoing at website. It has been observed that knowingly or unknowingly many new members are using first time any of the PAN or AADHAR and next time re-register with an unused ID. To stop the dual registration and make the process more effective, we are going to change Registration Process from 1st October 2019. The New Registration Process is as Follows:

Old Registration Process : PAN or AADHAAR (Anyone)

New Registration Process (Effective from 1st Oct 2019) PAN and AADHAAR (Both IDs)

Atomy is highly principle-oriented company, we have our core value truth, considering the core value, if any kind of wrongdoing such as dual registration is found it may result in restriction to membership. Leaders please help your partners for bringing the awareness of our own policies and guide them not to register twice under different IDs.

Married couples must share a single ID. If you and your spouse have signed up as separate members, please surrender one of your IDs and continue with single ID. Thank you.

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